Introducing Cord Buddy Products

Let's face it - we need a charger cord for practically every personal electronic device we use. From mobile phones to digital cameras to bluetooth headsets, and everything in between, charger cords are a way of life. Organizing and finding those charger cords has just become easier with the newest line of products from Cord Buddy, Inc.!

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Become a Retailer

If you're looking to add fresh and innovative products to your retail establishment, the Cord Buddy and Cord Buddy line of products is a must!

Targeting users ages 10 to 110, our product lines appeal to a broad audience. Their ease of use and reasonable price point make them an easy add to your sales inventory.

For more information about becoming a retailer of Cord Buddy products, please contact us directly at 630-299-7893 or send an email to

We look forward to hearing from you!




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